Pandemic cause shift in homeowners top priorities

Published: 11/05/2021

Since March 2020, there have been three national lockdowns. This has led to an inevitable shift in what homeowners demand and expect from their properties. In a recent study conducted by Royal London, over one-third of people looking for a new home have decided to do so as a direct result of the pandemic. With new needs, they need properties that fit.

In a recent study conducted by GetAgent, 45% of homeowners surveyed claimed that it’s important that their home reflects their lifestyle. Indeed, 17% went as far as to say that it’s very important that their home suits how they now live, with their needs having been reshaped by the pandemic.
In the same study, researchers found that safety took the top slot for importance, with 24% of homeowners stating it is a priority.
The size of the property came a close second as 20% of homeowners noted it needed to be comfortable. While some are looking for more space to accommodate a home office, at-home gym and guest rooms, others are looking to downsize to enjoy a more manageable property or be nearer friends and family.

Homeowners also claimed the following as a priority when looking for a new home:

  • Natural lighting (34%)
  • Sufficient space for pets (28%)
  • High-speed internet (25%)
  • Parking (24%)
  • Energy efficiency (19%)
  • Garage (8%)
  • Garden (6%)
With more people working from home – and now having the option to continue to do so to some degree – there is a need for reliable broadband. And since there may not be as many daily commutes, homeowners would like to keep an eye on their car in a designated parking bay or driveway.
New priorities also reflect what helped many stay positive throughout the pandemic, such as pets, natural light and more access to the outdoors. These are now consciously considered when it comes to looking for properties.

As the pandemic has brought about new ways of living and working, it’s clear to see that our priorities for the home have evolved to accommodate new lifestyles.