14 things all clever homeowners do every year

Published: 13/09/2017 By Cavender Estate Agents

Who trained you how to be good homeowner? It can take time to get used to your new maintenance responsibilities inside and out of your new home.

Unexpected expenses are never welcome and this list will help keep you equipped to prevent or minimise any unnecessary bills for emergency maintenance work.

With this information checklist, maintaining your home efficiently will be a walk in the park.

1.Review your building and contents insurance policy – Make sure you’re getting the best deal.

2. Drain the hot water tank and refill the whole system – Prevent any sediment building up in the pipes.

3. Clean out your tumble dryer vents and ducts – Preventing a lint build up will help the machine to run more efficiently.

4. Update you house inventory list – For your insurance records.

5. Inspect the roof for broken tiles or raised flashing – Further damage to your property can be prevented by addressing any issues now.

6. Clear the gutters – To prevent blockages on those rainy days.

7. Check for foundation problems – Make a note and compare the location and sizes of wall and floor cracks.

8. Look for water leaks – To prevent any water damage to your home.

9. Clean out and re-organise the garage – You never know what treasures you might find!

10. Check the outside drains – Prevent blockages and flooding.

11. Check the condition of window seals – Re-putty if necessary or replace any cracked panes of glass.

12. Inspect your trees – Do they need to be cut back or supported.

13. Check decking for signs of mildew – Is it time for a steam clean or some varnishing to prevent rot.

14. Check all of the use by dates in your pantry and throw out any old medicine – What can you use now to minimise your wastage?