Estate agents in Kingston Upon Thames: Marketing your property in the area

Published: 15/07/2021

Estate agents in Kingston Upon Thames: Marketing your property in the area

Estate agents in Kingston upon Thames - or elsewhere for that matter, are first and foremost marketers. Visibility is crucial when selling your home; without it, you may find yourself struggling to reach your property's asking price or that a sale takes far longer to achieve. And, in such a competitive market you certainly don't want to make the wrong first impression when trying to sell your home.
Whilst online portals play a major part in attracting potential buyers, to be truly effective, estate agents also need to turn their attention to other techniques and develop a robust, personal marketing plan unique to the individual home in question. Particularly in the affluent Kingston upon Thames area, it's crucial your home is marketed and positioned correctly - distinguishing itself from similar properties on the market. So, in today's Cavender Estate Agent blog post, we'll be detailing some of the alternative methods our experienced call upon to ensure your home stands out, a cut above the rest.

Why Kingston upon Thames?

Whilst it is now a sprawling metropolitan borough, the town began life as a small market village. From humble beginnings, the picturesque area has proven popular, resulting in it becoming the preferred residence of many influential characters throughout history - including the Saxon rulers! It's no surprise then that the bustling town is also known as the 'town of kings' thanks to its remarkable background.
Originally classed as Surrey, Kingston is now part of the Greater London area. As such, it's a bustling and busy spot with fantastic transport links to the capital, but despite its close proximity, the town retains its charm and community vibe. It is for this reason the area attracts both families and commuters - offering all the convenience and culture of London without sacrificing on living space. With access to lush, green open parks, it's also a popular choice for those looking for a slightly slower-paced lifestyle.

So, how should property in Kingston be marketed?
Our Cavender team have been selling properties in the area for over 20 years and thus are the estate agents in Kingston Upon Thames you can rely on time and again to secure you the best possible outcome. But, how do we do it? Utilising both traditional and innovative methods, we develop a marketing plan that will optimise your exposure. And, if something isn't quite working for your property, our proactive team will be quick to offer an alternative marketing route to overcome any stagnation in buyer interest. So, without further ado, let's explore some of the top tactics we call upon to enhance your properties appeal...

#1 Creating a buyer persona
Before estate agents in Kingston upon Thames begin formulating a marketing plan, they should first work with you to build a buyer persona based on your property's target audience. This is a crucial step many are quick to overlook the value of, but casting your net too wide could detract from your overall strategy.
However, it can be difficult to refine your target audience, particularly in an area with such a varied community as Kingston. It's tempting to try and appeal to all, yet this is not the most effective marketing method. So, let's say you have a four-bedroom property - close to the heart of the borough with stunning views and a beautiful rear garden. The size and location will likely attract both young professionals hoping to soon settle down and start a family, or young families looking to raise their children away from the hustle and bustle of the capital. It is likely outside the reach of recent graduates or single professionals, and so, we would presume the buyer profile would be 28-38-year-olds in a stable relationship looking to find a more permanent future home.
Once this has been determined, you can begin targeting your ideal buyer through the most likely marketing channels. Skipping this step may see you concentrating on the wrong tactics, missing opportunities as a result.

#2 What is the competition doing? 
To stand out from the competition, you first need to research and analyse what they are currently doing - how are they positioned on the market? And, where do their strengths and weaknesses lie? Only after evaluating the competition thoroughly should your estate agent create a tailored marketing strategy for your property. Doing the same as everyone else is certainly not enough to see your home snapped up quickly - nor achieve the best possible price.
When selecting your estate agent, it's crucial you look at their previous listings against similar properties in the area. Ask yourself if you would want to view the property and, what makes this advert sit above the rest. Perhaps it's the photography, or perhaps the premium listing provided - whatever the key point, ensure you bring this up with the estate agents in Kingston upon Thames you choose to work with.

#3 Professional photography
A low-quality iPhone image certainly isn't going to appeal to prospective buyers - let's be honest, it's the first thing that catches your eye. After all, a picture speaks a thousand words! A blurred image or one that fails to showcase the property properly may suggest to the home hunter that there are issues with the property; a lack of care has been taken which may suggest a lack of care in the maintenance and upkeep of the home too.
Of course, it's important your estate agent strikes a balance and provides a fair representation of the property. Utilising natural lighting and suggesting quick interior design changes that could enhance the overall presentation of your home are key points that your estate agent should be making.
And, don't forget floorplans - these are hugely underused yet can transform an online listing. This should be used alongside professional photography to allow viewers to understand the true size and layout of your property.

#4 Getting social
How long do you use your mobile phone for each day? An estate agent that fails to creatively use social media is missing a major trick. As we've mentioned, visibility is essential for a house sale, and social media acts as another direct channel for estate agents to build a relationship with and entice potential clients to view new listings.
However, it's no good if your estate agent posts one image and crosses their fingers, awaiting results. There should be consistent posting, optimised to appeal to your target audience - whether this is the type of image used, the time it is scheduled for, or if it will be boosted as part of a paid campaign. And, this should portray your property as a brand, rather than just another post viewers will quickly scroll past.
Does your estate agent know the best times to post? Do they have a solid following already built up and how will your property feature?

#5 Networking within the local community
Word of mouth is one of the best marketing tactics, though many fail to recognise the powerful benefits this simple method has. An established estate agent should be positioned centrally within the community and thus, locals are likely to recommend your property to those hoping to move to the area.
Furthermore, when selling your home, it's important to recognise that you are also selling the whole area. And, therefore, you need a local estate agent that can highlight the attributes of Kingston - from the closest library and walking trails to the best coffee spots and educational establishments. If the estate agent you work with has solid relationships with local establishments such as a coffee shop or schools, they may also be able to advertise here - another ideal touchpoint that sees your property positioned above the rest.

#6 Thinking outside the box
As we've already mentioned, online portals are key when marketing your property - whether it be in Kingston or elsewhere. Over 97% of all housing searches begin on one of the top three sites and therefore, estate agents in Kingston upon Thames should be utilising at least one, if not all three of the top sites. But, that certainly isn't to say these should be the only focus of your estate agent's attention. In fact, failing to optimise your properties visibility by marketing elsewhere through more traditional routes could drastically limit your reach.
To sell your property quickly, and for the best possible price your estate agent should be utilising tactics such as the classic 'For Sale' sign outside your home - note that many estate agents now make you pay an additional expense for this privilege! Furthermore, a window display or professionally produced brochure in this affluent area is highly effective for spiking a passers-by's interest and immediately they'll want to discover more.

Looking for estate agents in Kingston upon Thames?

Our final tip? Use the skills and expertise of a local, established estate agent within Kingston to correctly position yourself in this elusive housing market. With properties in such high competition, appealing to the right persona is crucial - having an estate agent with a proven track record in the area has a significant benefit to your successful housing sale.
Marketing is essential for visibility - and so, it should certainly be a priority for your estate agent. Remember to ask questions about the strategy they are likely to use, one size doesn't fit all and it's vital they highlight how this approach will be tailored to your property.
Do you have a property you are looking to sell in Kingston upon Thames? Speak to one of our trusted expert team today on 0208 092 5225 or email us at, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!