Getting your Property ready to Sell

Published: 17/10/2017

Whether you’re selling to upgrade, downgrade or simply fancy a change there’s plenty to keep your mind occupied. It’s often the case that during the excitement, people forget a fundamental part of the buying and selling cycle – preparing your current property for sale.

Here are some ways you can get your home in to the best shape possible allowing you to show off your home to its fullest and ensure you make a lasting impression on potential buyers.

1. Remove Your Emotional Attachment
You’ve no doubt spent a lot of time building memories in your home, but you’ll also be creating new and better ones wherever you move to next. Removing your emotional attachment will make it easier to say goodbye in the long run.
2. Clear Away The Clutter
Pets, children, years of general living can generate a huge amount of clutter over the years. A good way to sort clutter is to have three boxes and sort items to be kept, recycled and thrown away.

3. Keep Personal Items Out of Sight
While being individual isn’t a bad thing, it can take the emphasis away from your home, the building and the space within it. If you like to display family portraits and personalised items, it’s best you tone this side of your personality down, at least until you’ve secured a buyer

4. Re-decorate In Neutrals
Potential buyers will be better able to visualise their own possessions in your home, helping them to decide whether they’d fit within the space provided and how they could add their own touches.

5. Repair Damaged Areas
Damaged furniture, holes in the walls and broken door-handles aren’t going to make the best impression. It’s good practice to repair any damage before you accept buyers in to view your home.

6. Hire A Professional Cleaner
Not only will it make things smell good, it’s likely to transform the way your home looks – something new buyers will definitely appreciate.

7. Arrange Rooms Aesthetically
Consider using houseplants and flower arrangements to freshen up your rooms. Large mirrors are great for creating the illusion of light and space, while scatter cushions, throws and rugs help build texture and create a cosy, homely feel.

Final Thoughts
Ultimately preparing your home for sale, doesn’t have to be a harrowing experience. Providing you keep in mind your buyers, the above suggestions should make things easier for you.