Kingston houses for sale: How to increase your kerb appeal

Published: 05/08/2021

Kingston houses for sale: How to increase your kerb appeal

First impressions count, and even more so when selling your property. A potential buyer will begin forming their opinion in less than 10 seconds, so you'll want to make a positive impact with the very first glance. Whilst increasing kerb appeal can benefit property in any location, Kingston houses for sale are against stiff competition and to achieve the right price for your home, it's crucial you take the necessary steps to showcase it in the very best light.

A rundown exterior with clutter, cracks in the wall and a rundown front garden suggests a lack of care, potentially an indication to buyers of bigger problems to come. And, whilst there is some debate to whether this actually adds value to your property it certainly does benefit your home’s sale.
So, how do you go about boosting the kerb appeal of your Kingston property? Our experienced local team at Cavender have compiled an extensive list of top tips, proven to aid the sale of your home, appealing to the elusive buyer. Whilst these may be additional expenses you'd prefer to avoid, each is relatively affordable and can have a major impact on the final price you achieve.

Kingston house for sale: Increasing your kerb appeal
There are several steps proven to aid the sale of your home, even just choosing two or three of these tactics can significantly boost the overall appearance of your property. Many house sellers focus on the interior of the property, neglecting the exterior. But, remember, the external will be the first and last thing a viewer sees and could be the difference between an offer and missed opportunity. Particularly if your home is similar to other properties on the market, these tips will make you stand out from the competition.

#1 Do up your door
Particularly in the affluent area of Kingston, the Instagram-worthy front door reigns supreme. Whilst you may not even consider your front door when coming and going daily, it's the focal point of your property. So, firstly carry out any repairs and then consider the overall look and feel - what do you want people to think when they see your front door?

Whether it be refreshing with an on-trend colour (such as the Pantone colour of the year - bright and glossy can also work great for Kingston houses for sale!) or replacing the door furniture to compliment the age of the property, a simple update can majorly affect how people view the rest of your home. But, always keep in mind what will most appeal to your audience - a brass lion knocker may not be to everyone’s taste!

And, this update certainly doesn't have to break the bank. Spending a few hundred pounds on your door will see it finished to a highly professional standard that viewers are sure to take notice of and so, it's a worthwhile investment.

#2 A fresh lick of paint
According to a study by Dulux Weathershield, buyers expect to pay 23% more for a property with a good-looking exterior - the majority of house hunters want something they can immediately move into, with no fix-ups to cracks or peeling paint required. If that doesn't convince you to get the paintbrush out, we don't know what will!

If you see any cracks or the exterior of your property is looking rather more grey than brilliant white, it's time to get your overalls on and take action. A quick lick of paint can transform the overall appearance of your property and make it stand out from the crowd.

It's all in the finer details, and by ensuring your property is looking its very best, you can obtain additional viewings and as a result, a quicker final sale too. Try to complete this step prior to your professional estate agent taking property photographs to maximise your property’s appeal online.
#3 Mow the lawn and add a splash of greenery
It might seem obvious, yet you'd be surprised by how many sellers fail to miss this simple step - and it can make all the difference to a viewer's first impression of your property! Just ten quick minutes to ensure your lawn is in tip-top condition and you'll see a major improvement in the overall appearance of your property.

Even if you don't have a front lawn, you can appeal to viewers with just a splash of greenery - proven to do wonders for our well-being, it can be a wonderful addition to any exterior. Why not try planting a few simple flower pots to frame your front door, or hook a hanging basket above your porch. But, remember to choose wisely else you may face unsightly skeletal stalks once winter hits.

TOP TIP: Double the effect of these stunning florals and plant lavender or rosemary to create a welcoming, natural scent to appeal to the senses of your property's viewers.
#4 Clear the clutter
Whilst you may well think you'd be forgiven for something so simple as forgetting to move or hide your rubbish bins, it can be an immediate red flag for potential buyers. Remember to always move your bins out of sight before a viewing, it takes just a few seconds and will make your property's exterior feel far fresher - no one wants to be greeted by a foul-smelling sight on arrival. You could even consider installing permanent, sophisticated bin covers, an additional bonus that potential buyers will appreciate.

In addition, ensure your pathway is clear from any debris! Move the garden hose or children's bikes to ensure the journey to the entrance of your property is not cluttered. This could significantly detract from the first impression made by a potential buyer; a house hunter will have already begun forming their opinion as they walk up to your front door.
You could even consider pressure washing your pathway so that it's sparkling clean. Typically, this is just a few hundred pounds and whilst you may think is unnecessary, it could have a huge impact on a Kingston house for sale and its kerb appeal.

#5 All in the details
As they say, the devil is in the details! On top of general tidiness and exterior maintenance, there are a few additional niceties that can really make your home stand out from other properties on the market. In the affluent Kingston area, prospective buyers want luxury and the ‘wow’ factor. So, how can you achieve this with just a few simple tricks?

  • Outdoor lighting: Particularly important if you are selling your home during the winter season or offer evening viewings, outdoor lighting is a simple element that can change the atmosphere surrounding your home exterior. From ornate to sleek and modern, there are a variety of different options available to enchant viewers upon arrival. But, beware of the colour you choose or you could be ‘washing out’ your property.
  • Symmetry: We’re programmed to respond positively to symmetry. And whilst two doorbells might be out of the question, two plant pots or two lanterns framing your front door can guide the eye. 
  • Bird feeders: Is there anything sweeter than the chirp of a bluetit? Appeal to the five senses and try installing a bird feeder by your front porch. Not only will you gain the benefit of a pleasant sound but, you’ll also be supporting the local wildlife. Plus, very few property sellers are yet to trial this clever trick, making you stand out considerably!
  • Welcome doormat: Whilst it’s best to avoid cliches, a warm, welcoming doormat can be a fun way to inject a little personality into your property. This simple tactic may allow viewers to feel more at home, envisioning themselves living in your property. 
Combining these methods can completely transform your property's exterior and improve it's kerb appeal. You want passers-by to be in awe, and those arriving for a viewing to get excited as they begin picturing their lives in your property. A run-down exterior will certainly do you no favours, but to dramatically boost your property's exterior aesthetic you don't need to break the bank. Just a few of these small investments should provide you with the desired result.

And our bonus tip? Work with an established, local Kingston estate agent...

Making your property stand out from the crowd can be difficult, particularly in such an affluent area. Kingston houses for sale are in high demand yet it's essential you optimise your property's kerb appeal and secure you the best possible sale. Though these tactics may seem simple on the surface level, they can have a big impact and significantly influence a home hunter. And though there is no guarantee of adding additional value, this expense in the grand scheme of things is relatively minute and can ensure you receive high-quality viewings that are far more likely to convert.

When you choose to work with an estate agent, you should pay close attention to the advice they offer you on how best to portray your home. If you have any larger scale maintenance issues that need handling, they'll be able to put you in touch with a trusted network of suppliers allowing you to relax. You need a proactive estate agent that can identify unique opportunities, that whilst can seem simple, have a major impact on the sale of your property.
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