Moving House? Top Tips to Reduce Your Stress

Published: 15/09/2022

Moving House? Top Tips to Reduce Your Stress

Start early
As soon as you know you’re planning to move, start the process of decluttering so there’s less to pack.

Plan how to move
Whether you’re using a man in a van, hiring a removal company, or doing it yourself, make sure you’ve compared prices and booked in for the big day.

Questions for sellers
Before moving in, put a list of questions together for the people you’re buying from, so you have all the vital info you need.

Redirect your post
Avoid any panic about missing any outstanding bills or important documents.

Smart packing
Label each box so you know what room it’s destined for and briefly describe what’s in the box.

Kids and moving
Reduce your children’s anxiety about moving by helping them to create a special moving box containing all their special toys, comforters and so on.

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