Save money with the best commuter towns in Surrey

Published: 05/10/2021

While the hustle and bustle of London can be ideal for your work life and offers plenty of career opportunities - it’s not always the most cost-effective place to live. Not only this, it is not the place to find the peaceful and rural lifestyle a lot of people desire nowadays. This is why a lot of people choose to move to the popular commuter towns in Surrey. So if you’re looking for a better work-life balance and some rest bite from the inner city, this list could be a great place to start some research.

There are plenty of busy areas in Surrey that have a lot to offer. From town centres, leisure facilities and excellent school districts, they provide everything you could need away from the capital. However, there are also some more quaint and quiet options that give you the best of both worlds. You won’t be short on travel options either. With a hoard of public transportation that sends you straight into London, it is easier than ever to make the journey. You can enjoy the buzz during the week and make the most of rural Surrey when you get home.

Why move to Epsom?

Epsom is one of the best commuter towns in Surrey for people looking for a mixture of urban and rural. It is situated within walking distance to the market-filled highstreets that offer all the local amenities and weekend events you could want. If the busy high streets don’t take your fancy, why not take a peaceful walk through the gorgeous Surrey Hills nearby? You’ll be lucky enough to have scenery to die for right on your doorstep. It’s in the ideal location for anyone making regular trips into London but wanting that contrast when they’re back home. We know how exhausting travelling can be and it’s vital we make it as quick and easy as possible.

Just a short distance to the city, you can be there in under 45 minutes. It is direct to London Victoria and will allow you to catch up on those urgent projects or that much-needed nap on the way back! With a very manageable commute, you won’t need to stay overnight if you don’t want to. This could save you a considerable amount on hotels and meals if it is not compensated by your employer. Epsom also offers a range of flats and houses suitable for families and any budget. That’s where contacting your local estate agents like Canvender will get you the vital information you will need before making a decision. 

Why move to Godalming?

Roughly halfway between Portsmouth and London, Godalming is a popular commuter town in Surrey for families and those who need a quick journey to Waterloo and central London. If you want the ability to venture South on the weekends - you’ll certainly get the best of both worlds in Godalming. You can be at Waterloo in just 40 minutes or Victoria in just over an hour. Season passes make commuting accessible and easy - allowing you to travel at any time and chop and change at stations for meetings or days away from the office. 

Made up mainly of desirable Victorian homes, you can find suitable properties in the range of £350k all the way to the million-pound houses. However, venturing just out of the main centre will give you a variety of modern and traditional style properties to suit anyone. First time buyers, investors and families alike will benefit from the vast array of styles, price points and amenities available in Godalming. There are well-regarded state schools accessible in every area and plenty of nature-based activities, family-run shops and historic buildings. It’s a town that is sure to keep you on your toes and offer that compliment of rural and suburban living.

Why move to Dorking?

Let’s start with the important bits. While it is slightly further out than some other commuter towns in Surrey, Dorking has three stations that all offer direct access to London Waterloo and Victoria in under an hour. If you want to feel like you’re off the beaten track but have a clear path to the city, Dorking is the perfect Surrey town. Not only this, you may be pleased to hear that you can travel between Dorking, Reading and Guildford effortlessly too. All popular and bustling towns that each have unique facilities and opportunities. People can worry about getting cabin fever - but that’s unlikely with what these towns have to offer. 

If you’re looking for a quick getaway abroad in the Summer, there are also links to Gatwick and Heathrow Airports. Both are less than an hour away and you can jump on the train for a stress-free commute. As well as all the travel benefits, Dorking is regarded as a safe and peaceful area to live in with a great sense of community. There are locals around that have lived there for decades - offering you the most welcoming start to a new community. It can be daunting moving somewhere completely new, but you’ll be brought in with open arms. So if you’re looking for an easy commute, low crime rates and beautiful surroundings; Dorking could be for you.

Why move to Guildford?

One of Surrey’s busier locations, Guildford is a thriving town full of history. Offering links to many locations across the UK, it is popular for families wanting to be close to the action. It is well known for its esteemed private schooling and this acts as a driving force for many families looking to move into Surrey. You can expect to be in London in just over half an hour when making the most of Guildford’s main station. But if you want a bit of sea air instead - it is a short drive or about an hour’s train journey into Portsmouth. We know how important it is to have options and spend time away.

Another fantastic benefit of living in Guildford is the areas of outstanding beauty right next door. With the Surrey Hills spanning from Reigate to Farnham, you have your pick of all the gorgeous nature walks and picnic spots nearby. Not only that, but the rivers that run through the town give a peek into what else is on offer. You definitely won’t have to go far to escape the city life. Nor will you be short on things to do and see. It’s the commuter town in Surrey that condenses city living into dynamic and beautiful surroundings. A popular option for those looking for a new way of living.

Why live in Woking?

Woking offers one of the fastest commutes to London Waterloo. It will take you directly from Woking station in a little over 20 minutes so doesn’t add much time at all to your day either way. Although if you didn’t want to utilise public transport, it’s also well located for access to the M3 and M25. You will have plenty of options for moving in and around the town that doesn’t cause much disruption or take vital time out of your day. Don’t worry about road noise though - there are properties that

Woking has a huge variety of shops and is an extremely established town. You’ll find restaurants with specialities from all over the world and plenty of family-friendly things to do. The reputation for schooling is also similar to that of Guildford. Many families choose Woking for its easy commute and access to fantastic private and public schools. With its diverse town, there are constantly new developments going up and exciting things happening all over. Whatever you’re looking for, Woking is likely to have the answer. 

Find your next home with Cavender in one of the best commuter towns in Surrey

There are so many amazing towns and villages in Surrey. But these are a few of our top picks for commuters. They all offer easy access to the city and have something unique to offer. Families will be welcomed with open arms with reputable schooling and exciting things to do. Similarly, anyone who is looking for some rest bite from London life is sure to find the perfect property in any of these locations.

If you’re still not sure where to look or which town will suit you - come and talk to our estate agents. Start by coming to see our selection of properties. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services that can be tailored precisely for your individual needs and requirements. Come and speak to us to discuss how we can support you with your journey to rent outside of the city. Speak to one of our trusted expert team today on 01483 457728 for our Guildford office or 0208 092 5225 for our Kingston Upon Thames office. Alternatively, email us at, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!