Top tips from estate agents in Kingston: keeping your home warm this winter

Published: 12/10/2021

Top tips from estate agents in Kingston: keeping your home warm this winter

As we start to see the clocks go back and temperatures drop, many homes in the UK will wack up their central heating all the way through until April or May of next year. As a result, we notice rocketing bills and energy consumption across the country. As estate agents in Kingston, we are aware of the trouble this can cause and often have people asking how they can keep their homes warm and bills low. While it may seem like you have to put up with being cold to save a few pennies, in reality, there are small changes you can make or things you can do to improve winter living.

Whether it is reducing heat loss or adding extra warmth to your home, there are investments you can make to do so. But if you’re not looking to spend much money in the long run, there are also some really easy things you can do. We know that things like double glazing and insulation aren’t an easy fix, so while these will benefit you in more ways than one, they aren’t the only options you have. That’s why we have put together our team’s top tips to help you keep cosy in your own home this winter.

Make the most of the leftover sunshine
Especially during the middle part of the day, we can be blessed with an hour or so of sunshine even in the middle of winter. It’s key that we make the most of this and let in as much of it as possible. That’s why we always recommend keeping those curtains open during the day to let the sun stream through and warm up each room - for free! That’s the best part really. Sunshine is free, it keeps us warm and just makes us feel better in general. So for those that suffer from the cold or even struggle with SAD (seasonal affective disorder), it’s a great thing to make a habit of.

Not only that, but South facing homes will see the most benefit from this. Any ounce of sunlight we get in the winter months will be soaked up for most of the day. Keeping those curtains open during the day and then closed once the sun sets will allow you to gather as much warmth as possible and keep it insulated once it gets dark. Make sure your curtains are the right size for the windows to keep gaps to a minimum. This way, you will keep the heat in and help to reduce condensation.

Position your furniture strategically
It can always be a nice change to move some bits and pieces around every now and then. It keeps the environment from getting too dingy and clutter from building up. But sometimes, it is also a necessary change that will help to keep your home as warm as possible. Our team of estate agents in Kingston see all sorts of home layouts and there are many people that make the same mistake. Where you may have limited space - a lot of us seem to feel forced to plant furniture in front of our radiators. While this isn’t normally a problem in summer, it can be one of the main reasons we feel the chill later in the year.

If anything is blocking the heat from escaping, you are not going to feel the benefit. Even if you have it on full, it is going to take a lot longer for it to heat the whole room. So take a look at how you could rearrange your furniture to keep large items away and give the radiators plenty of room. While you could still position things near them, avoid having anything directly in front of or touching the heaters. They are people’s first port of call (after putting on an extra jumper) but many of us do not maximise their function.

Turn down the thermostat
While it may sound counterintuitive, you probably don’t need your thermostat quite as high as you think. By turning it down just one degree, it is thought you can cut your heating bill by 10%. We all want to have a nice toasty house to come back to after work or wake up in at the weekends, but if you normally have the temperature at 21 degrees, just one or two degrees less isn’t going to make a significant difference. You probably won’t even notice it! And it will certainly still be warmer than not having it on at all. Our team of estate agents in Kingston have been working to do this to cut down their energy consumption!

Most families tend to be comfortable anywhere between 18° and 21° celsius. Although, elderly people may need it a little warmer depending on how they like it. But to start with you could experiment with just a degree at a time. Wait for a while and if you still don’t notice the difference, go down another. See how long it takes before you start to feel a little too cold, and turn it back up by one. This will probably be your optimal temperature and most likely won’t be quite as high as you had it before. Your bank account will thank you.

Don’t waste any heat
It’s getting to the time of year when people look to the recipe books for festive inspiration and new things to bake. This can be an amazing way to keep the house smelling amazing as well as warming up certain areas. Once you’ve finished with it, why not leave the oven door open for a while. It will let all of the heat escape and start to heat the kitchen and neighbouring rooms. Obviously, we would only suggest this in a house of responsible adults. If you have little people toddling around it will not be suitable.

However, you could also benefit from the steam of a hot shower. If you are able to - leave the door open slightly when you have a shower to let all of that warmth escape. Not only will it start warming the house, but it can also help combat the dry air that many people suffer from in the winter. Adding a bit of moisture to the air will help with dry, cracked skin and the odd cold we all pick up. It’s something we do every day and so won’t cost us extra. It’s a simple change that anyone can do and begin to spread the warmth.

Draught excluders
This is a huge problem in many houses. Many estate agents in Kingston and all over Britain get the question asked a lot when showing houses - “Is there a bad draught in any particular rooms we should know about?” Usually, the issues lie in small fixtures and things we don’t have a lot of control over. Especially in rooms with carpet, it can be hard to fit the doors perfectly. This can leave small gaps at the bottom that let in a noticeable amount of cold air. Not only that, it can cause a rather irritating whirring noise. This is when we would suggest installing draught excluders.

There is a range of different options on the market nowadays. You can get the traditional stuffed excluders that are made of material and can be moved from door to door. This is great if you don’t want anything permanent and can utilise it at certain points of the year. However, there are also stick-on products that attach directly to the bottom of the door. They are often a light plastic material and come in different colours. These are usually left on all the time once fitted and mean you don’t have to move anything.

Soft flooring
While hardwood floors look fantastic and are very practical, they don’t offer the most warmth. Understandably, most people don’t want carpet in every room, nor do they want to invest in underfloor heating that can be expensive. This is when soft furnishings offer an easy solution. You can throw a stylish rug down anywhere for an instant cosy feeling. They don’t even have to be a permanent thing; you can roll them up in storage when it gets warmer again. But for the winter, you’ll probably appreciate some more comfort underfoot.

There are so many styles, sizes and shapes to choose from so it won’t be too hard to find something that fits. Larger rooms will benefit from large rugs that might even cover the majority of the floor. It will make your home feel really inviting and inject a lot of warmth in the winter. Pairing this with the best furniture arrangement will also give your home a new look and bode well should you look to sell in the future. People want a warm and comfortable home, so they’ll be drawn in with some soft furnishings.

Your Estate Agents in Kingston
It’s key that as the nights draw in and the temperature drops, we do everything we can to keep warm and make the most of the heat we have. With all the coughs and colds going round, wrapping up warm is a given. So why stop when we walk in the door? There’s no better feeling than coming in from the cold and wet to a cosy home where you can relax and warm up quickly. Hopefully, we’ve shown you that it doesn’t cost a fortune to do so!

We have plenty more tips where that came from, so if you need advice or want to get starting on your buying/selling journey, get in touch today! Start by coming to see our selection of properties. We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services that can be tailored precisely for your individual needs and requirements. Come and speak to us to discuss how we can support you with your journey to rent outside of the city. Speak to one of our trusted expert team today on 01483 457728 for our Guildford office or 0208 092 5225 for our Kingston Upon Thames office. Alternatively, email us at, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!

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