Why Choose Guildford?

Published: 16/06/2021

What's the average house price in Guildford and what does it mean for you?

Located on the outskirts of London, Guildford is ever-growing in popularity for not only its proximity to the capital but also the perfect lifestyle combination it offers of country and town. With its rich history, stunning cobbled High Street and endless countryside trails through the picturesque Surrey Hills, the town has become an escape for the commuters. Yet if you crave the hustle and bustle of the city, you can be back in the heart of London in just forty minutes. But what does this increase in popularity mean for the average house price in Guildford?
Today, our Cavender team will be sharing some of their expert knowledge with you regarding the current market for homes in the area and highlighting why this Surrey town has become such an in-demand choice for both buyers and renters.

Why choose Guildford?

Before we delve into the average house price in Guildford for both renters and buyers, why would you choose to relocate to the area? Many young professionals seeking a better work-life balance are choosing to make the move, whilst the world-class educational establishments and variety of community events also attract families looking to settle outside the capital. So, we've rounded up a few of the most appealing benefits of the area, though our list is certainly not exhaustive!

Excellent transportation links

The south-east from Guildford is widely accessible by both car and public transport thanks to the great network of trains, buses and the town's proximity to the A3. You can reach London Waterloo in under forty minutes by train and be in the capital in roughly half an hour by car - perfect for those looking to experience all London has to offer, from theatre day trips to it's vibrant nightlife, yet retreat back to the peace after.
And, Heathrow airport is just over 20 miles away via the A3 and M25, with Gatwick also less than an hour away. So, keen jet-setters will have many an opportunity to schedule a quick weekend getaway. Prefer the English coast? Since the Hindhead tunnel opened, access to stunning spots such as West Wittering has been significantly improved.
There are two main train stations in the town, Guildford being the largest. The station originally opened in 1845, later rebuilt in the 1980s and today is a busy hub for commuters and students. There are regular connections to both Waterloo and Victoria, with additional services to the surrounding areas of Surrey, Berkshire and Hampshire also available. Bus services are also available, the main station being located next to the shopping centre, the Friary.
It may, therefore, come as little surprise that record prices have been achieved from properties in the town centre, with particularly strong competition for flats and period-properties within a 15-minute walk of the station, ever boosting the average house price in Guildford.

World-class education

For young families or couples hoping to start their own, Guildford is a fantastic area to raise children as its home to a number of highly rated schools. Guildford High School has been named the second-best independent secondary school in the south-east with The Royal Grammar School following closely behind.
In terms of higher education, the University of Surrey is also located in the town and hosts over 16,000 students. The main campus is adjacent to Guildford Cathedral and a stone’s throw from the centre, and the university is rated in the top 30. Did you know, Led Zeppelin played their very first show at the establishment in 1968?
And there's no neglecting the smallest members of the family! Across Guildford you'll find numeros baby and toddler groups to join, from music classes to French lessons.

Fun for all

With its charming cobbled highstreet and numerous independent boutiques, cafes and restaurants (our team recommend local favourite, Positano!) alongside the usual high-street stores, the town centre has something for everyone. You can easily while away a few hours browsing and enjoying the atmosphere of the area whether you shop till you drop, treat your tastebuds or watch the latest blockbuster to hit the cinema. The diverse mix of dining and entertainment options has even seen the town awarded Purple Flag status, signalling its rich variety of choice. Plus! Are you a farmers market aficionado? Every Tuesday, local producers gather en masse to offer their goods - from delicious, fresh fruit and veg to stunning flowers sure to brighten up your home.
Aside from shopping, you can delve into a little of the town's rich history dating back to the Domesday Book at Guildford Castle, a popular attraction with locals and tourists alike. Or, explore one of the trials around the Surrey Hills or North Downs to take in the spectacular rolling scenery.
Throughout the year, there are a range of different events and festivals for all ages. From the nearby Epsom Downs Races and Woking Food and Drink Festival, to the annual Book Festival and G Live that hosts an array of acts throughout the year, your evenings and weekends can be filled with a range of entertainment.
The safest town in the UK
Voted by students at the University of Surrey, Guildford has been named the safest town in the UK. So, safety should not be a major concern for those moving to the area as this is backed with some of the lowest levels of recorded crime in the country. However, like all towns and cities, there are occasional incidents but the Safer Guildford Partnership initiative run by the local council, fire and police services proactively monitor potential hotspots such as the town centre to reduce the likelihood of anti-social behaviour.

Average house prices in Guildford

Guildford and the surrounding Surrey area is home to some of the most upmarket properties in the country, but that certainly isn't to say you can't find your dream home within your budget. There are a whole host of different options, whether you are searching for a quintessentially English cottage in one of the nearby villages, a Victorian townhouse close to the centre or a newly-developed flat in the very heart of the town.
The average house price of properties sold in Guildford over the last year was £544,224 for a house, the majority sold being semi-detached for just under £475k. This was followed by detached homes selling for an average of £865, and flats selling for £300k. Naturally, homes in the GU1 postcode area are the hotspots, with London Road and Hillier Road proving extremely popular recently.
So, what about lets? Of course, this varies considerably depending on the size of the property but, for a three-bed home, the average is £1,771 pcm with this dropping to just over the £1ooo mark for a flat or 1 bedroom property.
The town was named one of the top 15 best places to live in the south-east by The Sunday Times both in 2018 and 2020, which is possibly why the market has exploded, making it one of the most expensive places to live outside of the city. However, with so much on offer it's easy to see just why it is so in-demand. And, working with the right estate agent that understands your requirements can smooth your property journey - whether you are buying and need expert insight into the local market, or are selling your home and want to achieve the very best possible price for the area.

What are housing valuations based on other than area?

Of course, the area has a significant impact on the average house prices in Guildford. However, there are several other factors that are also taken into consideration when estate agents value a property. So, what exactly are they looking out for?
A property valuation will also look at elements like the storage, age, size, wear and tear, and room layout in approximating an appropriate figure. They’ll also look at similar properties in the area and consider what the market is like - across the country, therefore, house prices vary considerably!

Working with Cavenders Estate Agent

Average house prices in Guildford can be daunting, with the rise in popularity it can seem like an endless struggle finding your dream property - or, understanding if you are selling your home for the right price particularly when valuations vary so much.
Our Cavender team are local experts, and have the experience to secure you your dream home - we've always prided ourselves in our professional services, building relationships based on trust. And don't just take our word for this outstanding service that has made us the go-to high street agent! We've been awarded the Gold service award for lettings in Guildford at the British property awards for 3 years running! And in 2020, we were awarded Gold for Letting Agent in the South East, a truly independent recognition of our high quality standards.
Looking to buy, sell or rent a property in Guildford? Speak to one of our dedicated team today on 01483 457728 or email us at info@cavenders.co.uk, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!

How do you choose the right Guildford estate agents: The 6 top tips

Choosing the right Guildford estate agents - or elsewhere for that matter! - can be daunting, but is crucial to the overall success of your house sale. Selling a property is certainly not something most of us do every day and is, therefore, considered one of the most momentous (not to mention stressful) experiences many of us will face in our lifetimes.
However, with an experienced estate agent by your side, you can have peace of mind as they'll be able to expertly navigate you through common pitfalls. In addition, you may find you sell your property not only quicker but for more; whilst high valuations and low commission fees can seem tempting, these are often a red flag.
So, today on the Cavender blog, we're sharing the 6 top tips you need to know when selecting the right  Guildford estate agents, or those based elsewhere, to ensure you don't fall trap and potentially miss out on a higher final price when selling your home.

Why is it so vital you choose the right Guildford estate agents?
There are hundreds of different routes when selling your house, from the traditional no sale, no fee high street agent to the modern online-only sellers operating on a cheaper-fixed upfront fee. You can afford to be picky with who you work with so many options available. But, with so much choice, identifying the right partnership can appear impossible.
Did you know, 44% of UK sellers were unhappy with the service provided by their estate agents? It's crucial you are comfortable with your chosen estate agent, and confident in their ability. With the right Guildford estate agents on your side, you'll see a proactive approach that will, ultimately, provide you with the desired result - a successful house sale. So, how exactly can you narrow down your search and secure a highly effective estate agent?

#1 Do your research

It may seem obvious, but it's a step you certainly don't want to rush. Your research should start rather broadly - gather as much information as you can about the estate agent: ensure you thoroughly check reviews, speak to people you know for their opinion, check current house listings and if you can, directly call each branch. You need an experienced estate agent that has a proven record of selling properties similar to your own as they are likely to have a pool of potential house-hunters prepared to view any new listings. Plus, they'll know exactly how to promote and advertise your home successfully, appealing to those they know would be interested.
Online estate agents have seen a surge in popularity, but are they really the right choice? A traditional high street agency will have a branch you can visit in person, be on hand to support you throughout the process and personally carry out viewings. Plus, typically, these local estate agencies have deep insight and expertise that can influence a potential buyer's decision, such as the best local coffee shop or nearest public transport link. Whilst cheaper commission rates can be tempting, this often means the online estate agent loses interest and motivation, as they've already made money - with or without a sale. And, at the end of the day, wouldn't it be better to pay a slightly higher commission rate but walk away with a higher final sale price? The overall sum from your house sale should be the focus, not a commission rate that will ultimately seem insignificant in the grand scheme of things!

#2 Visit the team in-branch

Once you've begun narrowing down your search and created a shortlist of a few potential options, where possible, you'll want to visit each branch in person. Whilst calls and emails can provide essential insight into the level of engagement you'll have with your Guildford estate agents, visiting the local branch will allow you to understand what a potential buyer's first impression might be.
When you go in, how do they respond to you? Do you feel welcome? Are they helpful? Is it a professional and friendly environment? If you feel comfortable, make the appointment. If not, it’s best to walk away.

#3 Ask the right questions

It's easy to get swept up in the motion of selling a home; estate agents will often have tried and tested sales pitches prepared to 'wow' potential clients. But, this could be all talk! If there is little evidence backing these impressive claims, you could find yourself working with an estate agent whose priority lies with simply onboarding new clients. Rather, you want to be treated on an individual basis - each property is unique, and so are you as a seller.
There are a number of revealing questions you should be asking your estate agent, allowing you to identify where their overall focus lies and how motivated they are:
  • Do you live in the local area?
  • What can you tell me about the current market in my area?
  • How many properties have you sold in my area in the last 3 months?
  • What kind of prices have you achieved for properties similar to mine?
  • How long have you been in the real estate business?
  • Do you have a team of people to help with my sale? Can I meet them?
  • What are your working hours and will you or a colleague be contactable on weekends?
  • What approach would you take if my property wasn’t selling?
#4 Pay special attention to their marketing method

An estate agent wears many different hats, most importantly perhaps that of a marketeer. Visibility is crucial when selling a property, so paying attention to your potential estate agent's marketing strategy is key as this will have a major impact on the overall success of your sale.
Firstly, you'll want to make sure they are not neglecting the three most popular online portals: Rightmove, Zoopla and Primelocation. Up to 98% of all sales begin on one of these three sites and therefore, you'll want to ensure your estate agent is providing you with optimal online visibility. In addition, are these premium listings? Video tours and professional photography can really make a property stand out from the competition, so check to see what is included when you agree to work with an estate agent.
And, whilst online marketing tends to be the main focus with its ability to reach such a wide audience immediately, traditional routes such as window displays and newspapers can still provide impressive results.
#5 Beware of valuations

Guildford estate agents - or those elsewhere, are typically chosen based on the valuation. And, they know this so will generally take one of two approaches:
  • Give a deliberately optimistic valuation to win your business, making you think they'll achieve a high price for you, only for them to reduce the price considerably in the following weeks due to a lack of viewings.
  • Give a realistic price but on the lower end; they tell you not to be fooled by falsely high valuations and will usually achieve a quick sale though you may lose out due to this conservative pricing.
As a property owner, it can be difficult deciphering which valuation you should trust. The estate agent that values your home should be able to tell you how they calculated this figure and this should be based on: size, location, current market trends, similar properties, storage options, wear and tear, and unique features.
On average, properties that were heavily reduced went on the market for £5,000 more than all other properties – but ended up being sold for £20,000 less. It's clear to see, therefore, that an accurate valuation is essential so don't be afraid to ask your estate agent to explain if their valuation wildly differs from another you have received.

#6 Understand the full extent of their services
Many Guildford estate agents consider their job done once an offer has been accepted. But, of course, this is simply not the case! Poorly structured follow-ups and inadequate communication with surveyors or solicitors are common causes of negotiations falling through. In fact, up to 35% of housing offers aren't seen through to completion! Whilst the initial start of the sale is important, the most crucial parts come in the latter stages and, therefore, you will want to have a thorough understanding of what will happen once you've accepted an offer.
Remember to check opening hours, find out if they'll be contactable 24/7 and understand how important paperwork will be handled to avoid being caught out by these common miscommunication pitfalls. If you know exactly what to expect when entering into a contract with your estate agent, you'll be able to confidently ensure these levels of service are maintained throughout the process, not just the initial onboarding.
Are you looking to sell your property in Guildford but aren't sure who to turn to? Speak to one of our trusted expert team today on 01483 457728 or email us at info@cavenders.co.uk, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!