Why is it so important you search 'letting agents near me'?

Published: 23/08/2021

Why is it so important you search 'letting agents near me'?

The agent you decide on will have a great impact on your time as a landlord. Picking the right one for you is a hard decision but employing the right people will make your job easier to manage and make the overall experience much more positive. You want to feel confident in who you're making largely responsible for your property and so searching 'letting agents near me' can be an important first step.
It can put your mind at rest to have local agents so you know exactly who you're working with and who your tenants may be communicating between. Whether you're after full property management or agents to find your tenants - finding the right agent will reduce the unnecessary stress and additional costs you could see with making rash decisions and not researching first.

The role of a letting agent

Our main objectives range from finding you a well-suited tenant to managing your property, depending on your needs and preferences. It's entirely up to you how much responsibility you want to hand over to your agent. We are essentially there to make your job as a landlord as stress-free as possible. The tenants communicate any questions and queries through us. This could be from the beginning of the journey, viewing the property, right the way through the letting process.
This is why we believe it's so important you're searching 'letting agents near me' while carrying out research. We like to think it’s our extensive local knowledge and experienced team that sets us apart from the crowd. People could be coming from all over to let a property so the amount they know about the area itself will vary. Our enthusiastic agents have the abilities to guide them through the process and be their local experts to answer any questions. Your tenants will be left in the best hands.
Let-only contracts with an agent will do exactly that. They deal with finding you the right tenant and help complete the initial paperwork afterwards and then leave you to completely manage your property and make all the decisions behind it. However, complete management will leave your property and the work that comes with letting, entirely in the capable hands of your agents. Which one you'd prefer normally depends on the time you can spare to deal with updates, queries and possible snags that may appear down the line.

Benefits of 'letting agents near me'

Having a property that is local to you, usually means you know a great deal about it and hold key information about the surrounding area. This is invaluable to tenants because it gives them confidence that they're in good hands and should anything arise - they can get in contact with someone who will know the answer. This is when local letting agents come in useful to save you time but offer peace of mind.
It is highly likely that potential tenants will ask area-based questions and the way you sell this could be the deciding factor. If you have tight deadlines to adhere to or could do with someone in your property quickly, our local knowledge will serve well in reassuring the person that it's the right place for them. Not having direct contact with a landlord can be daunting but we will act on your behalf to provide the best experience that you would want for them.
Also, letting agents know the ins and outs of every step. It can save you time and money when someone can point you in the right direction without having to flit back and forth. There are elements that you may not have thought about - these are the moments having a reliable and trustworthy agent will hugely benefit you.
As a local letting agent, our decision to keep all aspects of our business in-house means we can sustain seamless and efficient service from start to finish. From the day we're instructed to market a property through to dealing with deposit return at the end of a tenancy, we're around to ensure consistent communication and a professional approach towards both parties.

How it can help you

Being a private landlord poses all kinds of challenges and it's a full-time venture for many people. It can be hard to switch off from the responsibilities and you have to be available 24/7 in case of any problems. The quicker you can get things sorted for your tenants, the better their experience will be. They want to be able to rely on you but it can be stressful worrying about what they might have to say. We can get to the bottom of the difficult questions and have the hard conversations.
If you opt for your agent to fully manage the property during the tenancy, we take these responsibilities off your shoulders and it gives you an opportunity to switch off. We handle the tricky parts and act as a go-between for you. You can relax and be confident that your tenants are being looked after as well as your property.
Finding tradespeople to carry out minor or emergency repairs can be a headache too. A lot of trades are really busy at certain times of the year, so we can work efficiently to set up fast call outs and get the property back in working order. You won't always have the time to contact and compare multiple tradespeople, but by searching for 'letting agents near me' and investing, the work will be done in no time.

Things to look out for

As much as you want to provide a positive experience for your tenants, our job first and foremost is to look after you as a landlord and have your best interest at heart. We will never put you in a compromising position and will always communicate with you before making major decisions. Look out for agents that are good communicators and realise the importance of your role.
Also, you want your property listed in more than just one place. This will give you the best chance at finding a well-suited tenant quickly. Our presence over multiple platforms such as Rightmove, Zoopla, On The Market and Prime location paired with advertising in local media outlets means we are able to draw in a large selection of applicants. Managing these and reviewing applicants daily allows us to match tenants to homes quickly. It also means we have built strong relationships with key people in the industry allowing us to cater for all your letting needs as and when you need us.
Another thing to look out for is checking your agents align with the correct governing bodies and legislation. Any reassurance you can get from them that you're in capable hands will be your saving grace later down the line. For instance, we pride ourselves on being a part of the client money protection scheme. We have a reputation for our friendly employees and offering excellent value for money. We believe it's important to go the extra mile and do things differently from time to time.

Letting agents near you

If you're looking for reliable, efficient letting agents, local is the way to go. It means that as the landlord, you can be happy you're offering sound maintenance and communication for any tenants and you have the peace of mind that things will be done quickly and professionally. The further away people are, the more tricky it becomes for you to maintain confidence that things are being looked after properly.
Once you've decided upon your letting agent, make sure you check your contract thoroughly and keep a copy of it so you are aware of what you're entitled to and any fees that may crop up. We love it when people ask questions too. If you aren't sure of something, make the agents aware and get it rectified. You don't want to be left in the dark about anything. It's your property after all.
Do you feel more prepared to list your rental property now? We offer a complete and comprehensive range of services that can be tailored precisely for your individual needs and requirements. Come and speak to us to discuss how we can support you as a landlord and get your property in front of the largest audience possible. Speak to one of our trusted expert team today on 01483 457728 (Guildford), 0208 092 5225 (Kingston Upon Thames) or email us at info@cavenders.co.uk, we'll be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements! be more than happy to discuss your individual requirements!